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BST-368 Four bars chain stitch multi needle computerized quilting machine

Technical Parameters:

     Spec          \           Model 100 inch 120 inch
  BST368M-L100 BST368M-L120
  BST368-L100 BST368-L120
Max.Fabric Width 2700mm 3100mm
Max.Bar Arrangement Width 2540mm/100 inch 3048mm/120 inch
Bar Interval 2 inch    3 inch   5 inch    6 inch    8 inch
( 50.8mm 76.2mm  127mm  152.4mm   203.2mm)
Needle Spacing 25.4mm/l inch
Carriage Travel 460mm/18 inch 400mm/16 inch
Max.Tack&Jump Dia 460mm/18 inch 400mm/16 inch
Speed 1000RPM
Air 0.4-0.8Mpa
Tank Cap 70L
Weight 8500kg 9500kg
BST368M-L90/L100/L120 13.5KW
BST368-L90/L 100/L120 12KW
Needle Groz-Beckert De794H 180#(24)  160#(23)  140#(21)  120#(19)
PS: BST368 with normally feeding system, BST368 with mobile front feeding system
(No need of back additional automatic cloth-roller in the back of BST2212 cutting machine).
Features Introduction:
1.The width of needle-bar is 100 inch, the interval of needles is 1 inch.
2.Create multi 4 needles bar arrangement Four needle-bar arrangement, the interval of needle-bar are:2″、3″、5″、6″、8″。
3.The width of movement for the platform is 450mm (16inch).
4.The max diameter of independent design is 450mm (16inch).
5.Speed: 1000 RPM
6.Voltage: Three phase 380V  50Hz      Power: 13Kw
7.Pressure: 0.8Mpa
8.Weight:9 tons
9.Using Groz-Beckert 794H needles: 120#(19)、140#(21)、160#(23)、180#(24).
10.Ps: Quilting the independent designs on the thick sponge fabric can all use 120#(19)needle. Equipped with advanced anti-fly -line device for shear the line when quilting patterns
11.The thickness of the quilting sponge is 0.3cm to 8.5cm high-density sponge. (can quilt monolayer polyester wadding and chemical fiber cotton)
12.Arrange front sponge-shelf and back rolling device(sponge-shelf contains brake device, it can adjust the sponge itself; and the end of sponge-shelf can put on the ground, it’s convenient for someone to pick up the sponge).
13.Use Japanese YASKAWA latest servo motor, the speed is four times faster than the old one.
(Model: SGMGV—13ADA61)
14.The computer has nearly 700 patterns on different sizes, it can save lots of different patterns.
15.Suitable working temperature: -30 ° to 50 °.
16.Then machine contains 5Kw special transformer for servo motor inside, the outside manostat is responsible for the customer.
17.X axis, Y axis and Z axis are drived by exact gear box system, it makes the patterns distorted less and achieves the prefect effect.