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Multi needle lock stitch computerized quilting machine
main axis motor XY axis motor hook Needle Stitch length Max speed  
Power supply
Frequency conversion motor  
Servo motor
Hook 7#,10# 16#~23# 2mm-6mm 500RPM 380V 50Hz <5KW
Main Specifications:
Model needle bar Needle No. Interval Quilting width
BSTM-3-128 3 128 1' 3250
BSTM-2-128 2 128 1' 3250
BSTM-3-96 3 96 1' 2380
BSTM-2-96 2 96 1' 2380
BSTM-3-64 3 64 1' 1620
BSTM-2-64 2 64 1' 1620
Function Characteristics:
Adopting digital control program. 
Saddles and rollers driven by Panasonic servo devices. 
Main axis use inverter system,Stepless speed regulation. X and Y axis use servo system. 
Conversion control device. 
Large number of built-in quilting patterns for your choice. 
Easy and quick editing of patterns. 
Freedom of quilting 360 all round patterns. 
Function to quilt independent patterns. 
On-line help on operation. 
With 500RPM needles rate, stitches between 2mm~6mm adjustable. 
Function of pattern compensation, an effective solution to the distortion display of quilting. 
Simulation display of quilting. 
Function of automatic stop on breaking of thread (optional). 
Infrared sensors to guarantee the safety of the operator.