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Ultrasonic Quilting Machine

BST-U ultrasonic quilting machines using the latest technology for needle-free wireless operation. 
It can make various patterns by changing pattern rolls.
Compared with traditional quilting machine, it features simple operation, easy maintenance, high productivity, needle-free.
This machine can quilt the following matirial: manmade cotton, non-woven fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics, silk, and other flat pieces of flexible materials.
Mattress, Bed sheet, Seat cushion, cloth, snow jacket, Car seat cover …
1, power: 380V,50HZ
2, Ultrasonic generator power: 800Wx (6-20 sets)
3, Working frequency: 20KHZ
4,Quilting speed: 50-1200m/h
5, continuous working time: less than 24 hours
6, Quilting width:1520mm/1820mm/2150mm/2450mm/2750mm/3200mm
7,Pattern roll diameter: ¢ 130mm- ¢ 270mm
8, Machine area: 7000x2500x2100 (LxWxH) (BST-U-18)
9, weight: 2.4T
10,Pattern: Pattern roll length and diameter according to user requirements